Book CannabisConnectionThe Cannabis Connection gives a clear concise account of she effects of Marijuana. Elaine Walters believes the character and force of she present drug epidemic has been misinterpreted by many Australian ‘experts.’ This has resulted in ineffective policies, inadequate drug education in schools and renewed debate on legalization.

There needs to be a complete and thorough analysis oldie drug epidemic and a realization that there have been historical precedents which will assist in overcoming it. The users underpin the drug structure, eliminate their demands and supply will cease Successful strategies include education and the enforcement of strict drug policies.

In many countries the ‘Parent Movement’ has taken the initiative, and parents are educating themselves about illegal drugs. Thus it is important that parents have access to correct information about marijuana particularly as many adolescents believe it to be relatively harmless. This book should be every Australian home so that parents can  base family discussions about illegal drugs on facts.

Author: Elaine Walters
Publisher: Unknown (1989)
ISBN: Unknown

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