Book DrugsHandbookThe first edition of the handbook, published in 1991 under the title Alcohol and other Drug Problems for Medical Practitioners has been in great demand both from medical practitioners and other health care workers involved in the alcohol and drug field.

This edition has involved considerable revision of the original version including the addition of recent topical issues. There are new chapters on tobacco-related problems, drugs in pregnancy, the use and abuse of amphetamines, ecstasy, and a multicultural approach to drug- and alcohol-related issues and problems.

As health care workers we have a responsibility to be concerned and informed about the possible effects of substance misuse on people’s health and their relationships. It is hoped that this handbook will increase our ability to identify possible problems and provide intervention at an early stage.

The revision was undertaken for the National Drug Strategy by the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction in Adelaide.

Author: Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health
Publisher: Australian Government Publishing Service (1994)
ISBN: 0644335351

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