Do you know children with fetal alcohol problems?  If the answer is “yes” then you need to read this book.

Book AlcoholAndPregnancyAlcohol & Pregnancy: A Mother's Responsible Disturbance is a must-read for parents and health professionals, and is an account of how prenatal alcohol exposure can have dramatic affects on children’s health and wellbeing.

Elizabeth Russell uncovers the circumstances that lead to both her children being diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. (FASD), a condition that occurs when a pregnant man consumes alcohol.

The author is a recovering alcoholic, and her drinking resulted in permanent damage to her sons in ways she couldn’t possibly imagine. Their symptoms include:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder/ ADHD
  • Dropping out of school
  • Serious problems in employment
  • Suicide attempts Drug and Alcohol abuse
  • Depression, poor social behaviour, speech disorders, behavioural problems and more

The author outlines her struggle to obtain an accurate diagnosis and the resultant strategies that assisted her sons to achieve their potential.

A brutally honest account of one family’s journey. Alcohol & Pregnancy - A Mother’s Responsible Disturbance will educate readers and amaze health professionals from all fields. This book gives a human dimension to an insidious and life-threatening condition that has been largely ignored In Australia by government and health workers alike.

Author: Elizabeth Russell
Publisher: Zeus Publications (2005)
ISBN: 1921005777

Book AlcoholTheNationalHangThe ‘hard work earns a thirst’ or ‘drink and be one of the beautiful’ people messages of advertising campaigns and morning-after boasts of having ‘written ourselves off’ reinforce the image-one family embedded in out national psyche - of Aussies being big drinkers. Indeed alcohol has become such apart of our daily lives that we rarely question its impact - except to perhaps wonder whether we or someone we know is overdoing it a bit.

But as Dr Jean Lennane cogently portrays in Alcohol: The National Hangover, those we think of as having severe alcohol problems are far from the only ones affected. It has an impact daily on our recreation activities, work and domestic lives and one has only to consider the crimes committed under its influence — domestic and other assaults, robberies. murder and road trauma - to glimpse its wide-reaching effects.

Written by a medical practitioner with many years’ experience in treating those with alcohol problems this is the most comprehensive book on the subject to date.

For those who think they or someone they know may have an alcohol problem there is information on identifying the stages of dependency - from needing a drink to steady the nerves, to the severe physical, mental and emotional problems associated with alcoholism.

The too-frequent occurrence of teenage drinking and its often tragic consequences is detailed along with the role of alcohol in:

  • road trauma 
  • sport - sponsorship and effects on performance 
  • sexual activity 
  • crime 
  • work (Including those professions and jobs where heavy drinking is likely to be most found).

She also identifies ‘safe’ drinking levels and evaluates the power of the economic push towards increasing alcohol consumption

There is comprehensive advice for those wishing to seek help as well as suggested education programs and legislative, political and attitudinal changes necessary to overcome the prevalence of alcohol generally.

A most important book on a subject affecting our whole society.

Author: Jean Lennane
Publisher: Allen & Unwin (17 July 1992)
ISBN: 1863732128

Book CannabisDependenceCannabis dependence is controversial. What are the health and behavioral risks of becoming cannabis-dependent? What counseling approaches have been tested with adults and adolescents, and how effective are they? What are the arguments for legalization, regulation, or prohibition? Looking back and toward the future, what do we know and what do we need to learn? This state-of-the-science review sets out to answer all such questions, beginning with an historical examination and moving into diagnosis, classification, epidemiology, public health, policy, issues relating to regulation and prohibition, and evidence-based interventions.

Author: Roger Roffman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press - Feb 2006
ISBN: 0521814472


by Dr. Robert L. DuPont MD  (Author), 
Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey (Ret.) (Foreword)

In a landmark book from national drug policy leader Robert L. DuPont, MD, Chemical Slavery covers two crucial topics: First, the national drug epidemic including an understanding of its evolution to become a national emergency, and the science of addiction and recovery. Second, Dr. DuPont’s presents his experience-based guide to the intimate, day-to-day struggle with the disease of addiction from prevention to lasting recovery. This book shows the ways in which these two domains of addiction, the national and the personal, are intertwined and can be both understood and managed.



Dr Ian OLIVER has an unusually extensive knowledge about the global drug problem gained from 37 years as a police officer, over eight years as an independent consultant to the United Nations Drug Control Pro


Book DrugAfflictiongramme, extensive research and membership of international expert committees. He has travelled widely and has helped to establish Drug Control Agencies in the former Soviet Republics of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, reviewed drug policies in Asia and the Middle and Far East and has advised on diverse projects in numerous countries. He has also visited the major drug producing areas of Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Latin America and has taken time out to stay at a Therapeutic Community for drug dependent people in Brazil. Additionally he was the International Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and was twice elected President of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland. He is a graduate in Law and holds a Masters degree in Law/Social Science from the University of Nottingham and has a doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Strathclyde. He has written extensively on the drug problem and how it affects everyone in ways that are not commonly realised.

His most recent book “Drug Affliction” is easily read and understood and gives the kind of information that everyone should know about the facts and mythology surrounding the most common drugs of abuse. It is both valuable and essential reading because it addresses some of the populist arguments that suggest that “the war on drugs has been lost and so all drugs should be legalised”; it gives the facts about so-called medical cannabis and it describes how the superficially attractive sounding policy of “harm reduction” has been hi-jacked in the most cynical way by those who seek to legalise drugs. It is not a text book in the classical sense but has been written for anyone, either the professionals who need knowledge about drugs in their daily work or the concerned private person who is worried about family members and the effects that drugs may have on their lives. This book reveals the mystery about drugs and enables all who read it to understand the issues and engage in informed discussions about a subject that has presented us with one of the most damaging and enduring social problems ever to confront the human race.

Author: Dr Ian Oliver
Publisher: The Robert Gordon University (1 Dec 2006)
ISBN: 1901085880

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