Major Brian Watters AO
Former Vice President, INCB (UN)

  • Arts Degree from Newcastle (NSW) University, majoring in Medical Sociology.  
  • Qualified Psychiatric Chaplain and trained at Newcastle University in Addictions Counselling. 
  • In 1998 he was appointed by Prime Minister John Howard as The Chairman of the Australian National Council on Drugs, the peak Drugs Policy Advisory Body to the Australian Federal Government. 
  • A member of the National Board of Drug Arm Australia; 
  • Board Member of Drug Free Australia;
  • Member of the Leadership Council of International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition.
  • Past President of the N.S.W. Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies with a Membership of more than 100 Agencies.  
  • Served on the N.S.W. Health Minister’s Drug Advisory Council.
  • In 2005 he was elected by ECOSOC to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) of the United Nations – based in Vienna.
  • In 2007 appointed Vice President of the INCB

Vice Chairman/Treasurer


Dr Ross Colquhoun
Author, Lecturer and Researcher

  • Author of the following publications:
    • Dementia and You: Care, Protection and Risk Reduction (2015)
    • 30 Years of Harm Minimisation – How Far Have We Come?
    • HIV and HCV Transmission Among Intravenous Drug Users
    • Open Label Trial of Naltrexone Implants: Measuring Blood Serum Levels of Naltrexone (2013)
    • The Use of Naltrexone in the Treatment of Opiate Dependence (2010)
  • Specialised in the treatment of addictions and is a leader in the treatment of substance dependency, especially opioid dependency and in the neuroscience of addiction working clinical practice from 1996 to 2012.
  • A former member of the Australian Psychology Society and the APS College of Health Psychologists.
  • Expertise in the prevention and treatment of psychological problems, especially burnout among health professionals, rehabilitation, couples and family counselling, and medico-legal reports. Information can be found at


Mr. Gary Christian
Specialist Researcher – AOD and Community Health

Community Interests:

  • 1980-1988 - Coordinated the Eastern Suburbs Five Day Plan to Stop Smoking
  • 1986-1987 - Co-writer of the Quit Now Stop Smoking Program
  • 1999 - Co-founder of the Cabramatta ADRAcare Centre for drug dependent and homeless people of the area
  • 2000-2003 - President of Hassela Australia Teen Drug Rehabilitation program
  • 1992-2009 - senior management in the Australian welfare industry
  • 2003-present - Research Director, Drug Free Australia

International Liaison/Education

jo baxter

Josephine Baxter
Executive Officer

  • 2008-present - Vice President, World Federation Against Drugs
  • 2009-present - Member of the International Task force on Strategic Drug Policy
  • 2007-2010 - Member of the Australian National Council on Drugs
  • 2003-2007 Community Services and Health Consultant - (Drug and Alcohol) 
  • 2004-2005 - Community Relations Manager – Odyssey House Victoria
  • 2002-2004 - National Director – Programs and Training, Life Education Australia, NSW
  • 2001-2002 - Project Manager, Offshore Licensing (India & Bangladesh), Centre for International Education and Training
  • 2000-2001 - Chief Executive – Life Education, SA

Overseas Project Experience:

  • 2008 to present, Vice President, World Federation Against Drugs and Member of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy
  • 2007 – Conference presentation, ICAA Conference, Stockholm
  • 2004 – Conference presentation, Tobacco Control Conference, Helsinki
  • 2003 – United States of America – AER Foundation Research Scholarship, ‘Life Skills Training’, Cornell University, USA
  • 2001-2002 – Bangladesh and India – Program Manager, Offshore Licensing, Centre for International Education and Training, TAFESA
  • 1999 - United States of America – OTFE Research Scholarship – ‘Learning Organisations and Life Long Learning’.
  • 1999 - United States, Europe and Ireland – established credit transfer links and articulation arrangements for international students and staff exchanges
  • 1997 – Florence, Italy – Curriculum Designer – William Angliss Institute
  • 1983-84 Malaysia – Orientation Counsellor, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Kuala Lumpur.

Website liaison-Cannabis Research

Mr. Herschel Mills Baker
President - APFDFY

Community Interests:

  • 1999 Parent Drug Education Courses: Mary River Lions Club Seminar; Quota Club; Baptist Church, Hervey Bay
  • Block Coordinator of Neighborhood Watch
  • Member of Police Liaison Committee
  • Member of Blue Light Disco Committee (Security)
  • Member of Maryborough Police Youth Association (Treasurer)
  • Project Manager for establishing PCYC at Maryborough
  • Project Manager 5 year Operation Road Runner, 1991 -1996
  • Project Manager for 5 year Road Runner 2
  • President and Founding Member of Australian Parents for Drug Free Youth, since 1986
  • Coordinator for APFDFY Education Web Site, since 1997
  • Facilitator for Drug Stop
  • Member of Tough Love
  • 1986-present - DFA Researcher and Publications Director focussing on  Cannabis Harms

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